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Production of lighting equipment and small architectural forms
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Russian Federation
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ATTEC factory is a modern and forward-looking Russian enterprise specializing in mass production of architectural cast products of great artistic value using ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The factory was established by specialists with many years of experience in the area of design and production of steel constructions and artistic castings. It is their enthusiasm and passion that helped us to create a technological basis for producing a broad range of architectural lamps and supports for outdoor lighting as well as hardscaping improvements for the urban environment.

The production of ATTEC is based on aesthetically strong designs and the knowledge of classical architectural canons as well as modern performance requirements. This way, the company can always deliver the very best designs and products of the highest quality. The efficient and modern lighting products manufactured at the ATTEC factory are perfectly suitable for the needs of our clients. We can provide a variety of options fit for historical sites, city centers or modern urban areas. 

The main material we use in our products is cast iron. It is a traditional material for urban street lamps and hardscaping solutions. It boasts high structural performance and minimal susceptibility to corrosion (the service life of cast-iron support elements exceeds 150 years) as well as good resistance to mechanical damage. The classic forms of cast iron street lamps and hardscaping products will always stay in fashion. They seamlessly integrate into the architecture of historical centers of ancient cities and modern urban areas alike, creating an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable atmosphere for citizens, forming cultural heritage and strengthening the continuity of the ages. 

The factory pursues the following lines of work:

  • Design and mass-production of metal lamp supports and hardscaping products; 
  • Custom-development of products; 
  • Delivery and installation of end products; 
  • Services related to development and implementation of comprehensive improvement projects for buildings and adjacent outdoor areas (entrance areas, parking lots, playgrounds and recreation areas, shopping and business areas), land improvement and lighting projects in urban areas, suburban housing areas and higher-end single-family home housing communities; development of comprehensive improvement projects for urban residential areas, parks, socially important facilities (resorts, educational institutions etc.); 
  • Calculating light conditions onsite, optimizing the usage of our lighting devices; • Assisting the clients with equipment selection, architectural style and practical use, giving recommendations on how the equipment should be placed onsite.

Our company maintains its edge thanks to the availability of inhouse production facilities and ample warehousing capacity, which allows us to deliver on the client’s objectives against very demanding deadlines going all the way from concept design to final product installation.

The company aims to find the optimal solution for each land improvement or lighting project. To do this, specialists from diverse fields work together: design engineers, design artists, procurement specialists, economists and the logistics team. 

At the end of it, our clients receive equipment specifically tailored to meet their expectations, both aesthetically and budget-wise. That way we can maintain an optimal price-quality-result-deadline balance at all times.

Our factory uses modern casting techniques:

  • air-set mold casting 
  • shell-mold casting 
  • lost-wax casting
  • permanent mold casting 
  • vacuum-film mold casting
  • pressure die-casting

and other methods of forming metal, which help us not only to offer our Clients products of different styles and purposes, but also to solve the important problem of crafting our own architectural ideology for using cast, forged or otherwise hi-tech-made metal products in the exterior urban decor. 

The processes used in the factory:

  • Blanking operations (various cutting processes such as plasma-arc and laser cutting, oxy-propane cutting of pipes, sheet and bar stock). The equipment used: Rolling Press, Guillotine Shears, Vibration Shears, Bandsaw, Rolling and Bending Machine;
  • Surface treatment processes (shot blasting, sand blasting, mechanical cleaning, grinding);
  • Machining (turning, boring, drilling, milling, thread cutting); 
  • Forming processes (rolling, rotary drawing, bending, roll forging); 
  • Joining processes (welding, riveting); 
  • Finishing processes (coating, painting); 
  • Assembly processes. 


The production cycle for lamp supports, lighting fixtures and hardscaping products comprises all stages: designing the product from concept to detailed design covering both artistic and engineering aspects, creation of models, casting of product parts, metalworking and assembly, painting of the end product. 


High quality and fast delivery are what our Clients highly appreciate when dealing with our factory. It helps us to establish good long-term business partnerships, both with our Clients and with our Suppliers. 

Where to we deliver to: from Minsk to Khabarovsk and from Murmansk to Astana. Right now, ATTEC has loyal clients in more than 50 regions of Russia as well as in five other CIS countries. 

The product range of our factory is constantly expanding thanks to the experience and knowledge of our team and to our collaboration with renowned architects and designers. ATTEC’ products are there to add a touch of individuality and bring aesthetic equilibrium to modern megacities and, of course, they can also form a harmonious whole with the historical architecture of ancient cities. 

We are open to creative and technological development, friendly to our partners, well advanced in engineering and design skills. All this creates a unique character of the company ATTEC.

ATTEC is a Russian manufacturer of hardscaping solutions and decorative cast iron street lamps offering to its Clients:

  • Project delivery to very tight deadlines; 
  • Custom-design and custom-configuration of products; 
  • Optimizing the package pricing options without compromising on product quality;
  • Broad range of high quality products.